Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 8, 2013

Lex is going on a mission!! That is so crazy!!!! I am so proud and excited for her!! Wow you were super good at keeping it under the rug. That is super cool that you all got together and Aunt Vonelles house! That is a big crowd. Wasn't conference the best We just went to the church and watched. So many of the things said I needed to hear. Also do we have a cousin name Bryanlee Wilding? I had a guy at the church stop me and ask Elder Wilding are you from Idaho Falls, Idaho? I said no but from Pocatello. He was Bryan Lee Wilding's companion. he said he motorcyles and got in a wreak and has a cut or something wrong with his neck? We had a baptism yesterday that was super cool! Melissa Sanchez is her name. That was fun. We need to find more the work has slowed down a tinny bit. But everything is still ok. Nothing to much going on here. I think my companion is going to get transfered this next transfer in 2 weeks. Just keep praying that is the best thing. I love you guys so much!!!! can't believe my 11 month mark is tomorrow where is the time going? I am doin good don't worry about me. How is Dad doing? The weather and everything? I heard it snowed again? That is crazy stuff! It has be cloudy down here but not stormy or too cold. I get pretty burnt last week. haha Is my car still running? hahaha How is Great Grandma doing?

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