Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

JAJA Don't worry you worry to much. Everything is fine! :) Hey did you ever findout if that is our cousin!? Yeah the baptism was Melissa Sanchez and lets say she was pretty afraid of the water she it all came out good though. Haha I remember reading that book! In walmart i saw a preview and wanted to watch haha. I was think about all of the things I had going through school just last week. Hey ask Kyns to email my so that I have her email and can write her. Or email me it? Haha Almost everyone gets along with me. I think once in my mission i would have a companion that will not like me??? hahaha They is big changes happening everywhere in the mission world. We are getting a new President soon and our President told us that they went to a mission confernece and Elder Nielson was there and told them that the Lord is hastening his work on gathering the scattered house of Iseal so but on your seatbelts. Crazy! How is everyone? Same old same old? HAha the Other day Elder Bosselman said whoo in less than a month we call our parents and this is the last phone call i Have before I go home haha. He is as old as jackson in the Mission. Tell that to Aunt Mellonee and she might get trunked out haha. Tell Kyns happy birthday!! Too! Sometimes I run out of things to say so if you have questions you want me to answer each week or something you could? Because right now I run out? My companion has an infection on his tongue call thrust and it is white and furry it is gross. Then I around my ear dirt from all the wind got stuck and now it is infected and super gross and hurts!! So that you know if you wanted? Love you guys so much love the prayers support and everything!! You guys are the best!!!
Elder Wildin

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