Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

Haha I am glad that you love the pictures so does my companion. haha! He takes more pictures than I do well most all my companions do. So after the mission I will have to get them from them. How is life treating you? Life is going really good. learning so fast down here it is crazy! haha Also getting super sun burnt then tan! HAHA the sunscreen doesn't seem to help out to much. But we apply it on like crazy! Easter was fun last night we when to the Elderes, who live with us, Recent conferts for dinner and they had eggs that were hallow on full of confety and your smash them on peoples heads and the confety comes out it was super fun! HAHA Our people we are teaching are doing good we have to wait a little for they baptisms they had a run in with the word of wisdom but they are doing a lot better. how is everything up there for you guys? Anything new? I loved Melissa's story about her date! That is super funny oh how much we are a like! I make a joke how I am never going to get married and just live in the basement of my parents haha. i can't think of to muxh to write right now...??? umm A ver Oh yes I cot Mike's letter it was anwesome to read!! I won't lie I need to be better at writing :/ ok ra out of things to say love ya tons!! :)

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