Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17, 2013

Yes Happy Fathers Day DAD!!! A little late but I forgot that it was going to be fathers day on last Monday. Also Happy Birthday Mom too I know it is in a week in a half but just to  be safe!!! :) So how is getting ready for Indian Creek :) haha trunky jk  I remember last year oh crap that was last year?!?!? TATE told me that the Indian creek week can be a trunky one in the mission. :) How is the weather there? We have the last Zone conference with President on Friday and it was a big one. Car checks super in depth and 72 hour kits, also Apartment checks- area book check by President and Sister Trayner!  They came to our apartment and just jacked us on our older area map so that was super good!! The meeting lasted from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. We would have ended early but in was another flash flood!! The Hillside Church sits on a Hill so the streets were like rivers. You could hear the rain pound the ceiling and the thunder shook. Even our recent convents got stuck at home depot. It is fun having a greenie. I had to do my first interviews and it was in Spanish I need to study a few words in Spanish like probation and that is it. I said it in English and good thing the young lady for Honduras  has been here long enough to know what that is. oops It was the Zone leaders investigator and they forgot a lot of things to prepare so I had nothing only the questions in English for my planner. It was a good experiment she read the whole book of Mormon in 3 weeks!! Also what is the vitamin you take to not get bit by mosquitoes ? B12? It is weird to thing that you guys are in summer because summer and winter fell mostly the same. During winter here you forget that you guys have snow. Weird.  Well what is new? Is everyone going to go to Indian creek? I am glad that Email has spell check now because I am miss spelling a ton of words.  It makes me think how bad my other ones were? I got the water bottle thanks!! I needed it. Love you guys so much!! :D

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