Tuesday, June 25, 2013

May 24 2013

Hola Familia!! Hahaha Yes you can send pictures of last year Indian Creek it won't kill me. That is super cool and such a small world about Elder Harris!! Micheal got a job that crunches me hopes and dreams of living with them in the same house!! :( ha To Montpelier area so jealous!! All the pines and so close to camp crazy stuff. That is fun that Dad has been up to camp cutting wood. In 2 days Ruby will be 1 right? Is it bad that I don't forget that I have a Niece I just don't remember all the time?? Oh man also tell Melisa the Blog pictures don't work with this email? Hey hey Ask JJ Want B vitamin you take for mosquitoes? Crazy stuff about missionary work right? It made you cry Mom? That just means that I have the best Mom in the world. TONS  of Sister Missionaries!! WOW A return missionary was sitting in front of us during the conference when they were singing and he leans back and Says I am glad they weren't that cute when I was there ( in the MTC) . (Don't take that joke inappropriately) I think that it is fun with a new companion. In reminds me when I would speak in Spanish and people would look at my companion and say Que? Or  when people speak to him and he looks at me and says what? Oh wait that stuff still happens to me haha. If you can understand what I just wrote you know me way to well. Haha Because reading thought that I just though that makes sense to me but a don't think it will to anyone else. It is good the Elder Harris say a crazy boy from Idaho right?! I am changing a lot but I am still me!! haha So when does Justin Leave to the MTC? I forget? July 12 just found it!! :) Crazy!! The weather has been hot down here and no rain sad love the sweet rain storms down here. Well just write my How Indian Creek is next next week... Pictures yes those are fine. Tell everyone Hi and that i am doing Awesome! :p Love you guys so much!!
Elder Wilding

Dear President Trayner,
I what to thank you and your Wife for all the love, help, and support that you have been to me at to the Mission.
This week turned out to be a good week of being able to find people and having the success of bring them to church.

We found a member who moved into our area for 4 years and no one knew it. She lives alone and has a ton of kids she is a big part-member family and she has been needing some help. She works on Sunday so we are going to help her get that off. In the family there are 3 girls who were never baptized.

We also found a family called the Pantoja family and 3 of them came to church the Dad had to work and the oldest Daughter wouldn't get up.

Also 2 weeks ago through a recent convert we found a lady named Marlen Ramirez and she came to church.

This week we want to focus on getting the members to surrounded these new people so they will want to come back to church and feel of the spirit.

Elder Miller is doing really good and working progressing super fast. He has good confidence too.

South Gate is dong well they have to clean out their teaching pool and gather more people they have been working super hard but things were just not working out. They are doing good though and I know they will find prepared people this week.

Love you so much!!!

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