Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Oh man that is crazy about Alexis kind of sad that she leaves 2 weeks before but will she be in the MTC at the time he gets home because they do small visits for that stuff. So I am doing good her in Laredo. Found out on Tuesday that I am fallow up training that would have been nice to know. But here we go. His name Elder Miller he is from Michigan. Now that make 3 of the 4 companions I have had from the East. He has been in  the Field 6 weeks and that is hard to be transferred out of your first area that fast but he is doing awesome. He has a sweet accent in English and an even awesomer one in Spanish. He has lots of Greene Fire which is awesome. The District is a young district we have to greenies in the apartment and Elder Bawden hadn't  hit a year yet. :) We had a baptism yesterday First one of the Mission for Elder Miller It was fun he was so nervous. I gave a good hint to Ana to Ask Elder Miller to baptize her. :) So He baptized her and one of the Twins and I baptized the twin girl. I have pictures so I will send them. There has been rain down here and I am loving it. :) Elder Sanderson got sent to my old apartment in Edinburg just below my greene area crazy!! Why was Alexis crying so much? Sydnee is tall!! Working hard here it is getting hotter and hotter. Doing well in my first week as a district leader haven't messed up to bad haha. :)
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This is the Family that just got baptized (I think)
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The New Companion! Elder Miller!
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All of them together!
Dear President Trayner
This week was a good one it was a one of working hard but smart at the same time. I didn't know I was follow up training so that was fun to find out. :) We have been working with the members and are recent converts to find more. Elder Miller is great and has tons of greene fire and faith which is awesome. He already has improved in Spanish and contributing in the lessons. 

The Chick family was baptized this weekend and are doing so good and have friends in thee church. 

We were able to find a good amount of people this week that were right to hear the gospel. We were able to work well with finding through referrals and then just working there a little if the people weren't home or not interested. Then we would find the people that were ready. 

We were able to go back to Gloria Orozco who we stopped teaching for a little bit because she had her baby and had to recover from that. She was able to make it to church with her small new baby also. 

Southgate with Elder Bawden is doing good with his new greene. They have been working really smart through members and Part members to find. It paid off they were able to find only 2 new people, however, they came to church which shows that it might be a little slow at the being but vale la pena. We are doing good has a district and work to be able to have a good month next month. 
Amor, Elder Wilding

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